About Visit My Mosque

What is Visit My Mosque?

Visit My Mosque is a national initiative facilitated by the Muslim Council of Britain encouraging over 250 mosques across the UK to hold open days to welcome in their neighbours from all faiths and none and build bridges across communities.

Whilst mosque open days in Britain have been taking place for decades, Visit My Mosque enables mosques to be a part of a nationwide event where mosques across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are able to open their door together on the same day.

Despite the COVID19 lockdown, in 2020, #VisitMyMosque went digital and took place with live virtual mosque tours across the weekend 19-21 June 2020. Click here to book a view video recordings of the 2020 mosque tour! In 2021, bespoke Religious Education (RE) Teacher resources were produced to support school visits to mosques. Click here to check-out the resources for schools. A return to a national “in-person” #VisitMyMosque day is planned for 2022 – watch this space!


When did it start?

Many mosques in the UK have been holding open days for their local communities for decades.

As a national initiative, #VisitMyMosque was conceived in February 2015 with about 20 mosques taking part in holding an open day on the same day. Due to popular demand the initiative has grown to over 250 mosques now taking part, with MPs and other senior politicians taking parts too, including the Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition and Metro Mayors visiting their local mosques.

“Opening doors equals building bridges, and this is what we stand for”
Ashford and Staines Comunity Centre, Middlesex

Does it only happen once a year?

No! – Many mosques organise open days regularly throughout the year and also have events where people of other faiths and none are welcome to attend. Further to this, interfaith work is very important and many Muslim communities are very active in interfaith work, making regularly make visits to their local churches and synagogues and other places of worship, forming relationships with their congregations and maintaining those relationships throughout the year through regular events. However, Visit My Mosque day is a national day where mosques across the UK time their open days to be on the same day of the year.

Who runs Visit My Mosque?

Visit My Mosque is organised by the hundreds of volunteers across the UK who have taken time out of their Sunday to open up their local mosque, send invitations to their neighbours, and be available on the day to meet & greet neighbours and answer their questions. At a national level, Visit My Mosque day is facilitated by the Muslim Council of Britain who have a steering committee to coordinate the day.


“My daughters absolutely loved our visit to Aberdeen. They read the posters, ate delicious food, watched the prayer and played with the children. We couldn’t have felt more comfortable and welcome. Thank you!”
Christine, Aberdeen

Why isn’t my local mosque taking part?

Some mosques may also choose to schedule their open day on another day of the year.  Sometimes, some mosques are unable to hold an open day due to logistical reasons such as other events taking place in the mosque or refurbishments work.We are sorry that no mosques near you were able to take part this year.

However, we hope to reach out to more mosques and encourage them to get involved every year. Please tell us which mosques in your area you’d like to visit by getting in touch and we’ll try to get in touch with them to invite them to take part, or ask them to host a separate visit for you at an alternative time.

What can I expect when I visit my local mosque?

Each mosque will be different. You will be welcomed by volunteers at a registration desk and probably directed to a main hall where there will be some tea and refreshments. Some mosques will put on guided tours of the building, while others may play a video or have exhibitions/poster display e.g. about Islam, or showcasing recent charity initiatives undertaken by the mosque.

“It gives a great opportunity for our neighbours to visit a mosque local to them”
Madni Masjid, Bradford

Do Mosques have a dress code?

Mosques will differ on dress code. Like many places of worship, such as historic church sites in France or Italy, mosques may ask guests to respect the sacredness of the building by for example, asking men to wear long trousers or women to wear long skirts or a shawl.


If you have any further queries or comments, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here!

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About the Muslim Council of Britain

Visit My Mosque is facilitated by The Muslim Council of Britain, the UK’s largest and most diverse representative Muslim umbrella organisation with over 500 affiliated mosques, educational and charitable associations.

The MCB is independent, democratic and cross-sectarian and it’s mission statement is “Empowering Muslim communities to achieve a just, cohesive and successful British society”.