2017 Mosques Spotlights

#VisitMyMosque Day 2017 took place on Sunday 5 February and over 150 mosques took part!

In 2017 #VisitMyMosque we highlighted how British Mosques are helping their Local Communities

From supporting food banks, to support the economically vulnerable, to providing free meals for the homeless, to volunteers cleaning up local streets, mosques in the UK are making a direct impact on their local communities. Read on to find out more stories:

Blood Donation, Glasgow Central Mosque

Since 2014 Glasgow Central Mosque has hosted blood donation drives, working together with the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service (SNBTS) to promote giving blood to worshippers and the local community. Every 6 months SNBTS staff arrive at the mosque and set-up their equipment and patient beds in two community halls at the mosque’s premises.

Hospice Buddies, Myriad Foundation

Many hospices run in the UK but often the patients face loneliness as they have nobody to visit them. The Myriad Foundation taps into the skills and enthusiasm of worshippers from several mosques and Islamic centres in Greater Manchester and beyond to recruit and offer volunteers to buddy up and visit patients to two hospices in Salford and Cheadle.

Free Meals, Finsbury Park Mosque

Finsbury Park Mosque is known as a beacon of social action work in its local area. As well as an open door policy, receiving regular school visits and arranging interfaith exchanges with local churches, it hosts a weekly ‘Meals for All’ initiatives supported by volunteers from the mosque and local churches, providing a free warm meal for local homeless and socially isolated individuals in the Islington area.

Neighbourhood clean ups, Abrahamic Foundation

Operation Street Clean is a very simple community project that started in summer 2014 by the Abrahamic Foundation in Birmingham to clear unsightly litter from local streets. Volunteers meet every Sunday at 10.30am armed with litter pickers and bin bags and scour the local streets to remove rubbish, form bonds with neighbours and put a smile on everybody’s face by making everyone feel prouder of their local area.

10t Food Collection Drive, East London Mosque

In December 2016, East London Mosque mobilised its worshippers to donate to the homeless ahead of Christmas. Over 10t of non-perishable food items like rice, pasta, cereal and tinned goods was collected – far higher than the organisers expectations – and was donated via the charity Crisis.

10t Food Collection Drive, East London Mosque

More projects:

weFEED Soup Kitchen, Al-Manar Centre, Cardiff

Beach clean up, Aberdeen Muslims

Fundraising £20,000 in just 3 weeks for new scanner, Masjid Al-Falah, Leicester

Litter picking organised by Bolton Council of Mosques

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