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‘Thank you for today. I never realised just how relaxed and inviting Islam can be. It is clear that all good people share a common wish for the furtherance of the good of humanity. Thank you for your time. And, I must add, those samosas were the best I have ever eaten.’

‘As ever an excellent and inspiring event at Finsbury Park Mosque. So good to see the place humming with visitors from around the area enjoying meeting their neighbours.’

‘I can say on behalf of myself and granddaughter we have never and I mean never, apart from family been made to feel so welcome into someone’s life.’

‘We had such an interesting, educational and fun time visiting the Shah Jahan Mosque in Woking. It was really good to learn its history and to meet the worshippers there today.’

My husband and I travelled from the Andover area to visit Southampton Mosque and were delighted with the warm welcome and fascinating insight into the Muslim life. Seeing the Mosque and hearing the Q&A sessions really gave us a feeling of knowing more about their beliefs. Your hospitality was very welcome and the cakes especially enjoyable!